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Laguna Koi Ponds
20452 Laguna Canyon Rd.
Laguna Beach, CA. 92651 U.S.A.
Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM Satuday 10AM-5PM
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Barley Straw Pellets

Barley Straw Pellets

Barley Straw Pellets from the makers of Microbe-Lift.

100% Natural & Organic Ingredients, Improves Water Quality, Fish & Plant Health.

  • Revolutionary formula includes natural Peats and Humates.
  • Direct placement in pond enhances substrate.
  • Decomposition process starts immediately.
  • Buffers pH.
  • Provides a slow, steady release of beneficial ingredients by natural, biological activity.
  • Works year-round.
  • Disperses quickly.
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72017 Barley Straw Pellets 2.2 lb. $18.95 Add to Cart
72027 Barley Straw Pellets 4.4 lb. $29.95 Add to Cart