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BRF-13A - AmmoDown

Environmentally Friendly Premium Rated

  • Safely Remove Ammonia
  • Avoid Nitrite Spikes
  • Improve Water Quality
  • Increase Beneficial Microbial Population
This is the best product we know that really works to breakdown toxic ammonia in your pond. It is great for new ponds going through the start up period and nitrogen cycle. This special bacteria, independently tested by Koi Vet Dr. Johnson, breaks down ammonia without actually producing nitrite! So not only does it quickly reduce ammonia it prevents the buildup of nitrite. The normal nitrogen cycle still occurs in your pond but with the addition of Ammo-Down BRF13A you will see much faster cycling overall. Dosage Rate: 1 ounce per 125 gallons. Available in: - 8 oz which treats 1000 gallons. -32 oz which treats 4000 gallons. - 1 Gallon size is a special order and treats 16,000 gallons. Application: Pour Ammo-Down where it can mix in with your pond circulation. Near waterfalls, jets, skimmers. Pour half into the filter and half into the pond. NOTE: All bacteria grow best when water temperature is above 65 degrees F. Cooler temperatures will take longer for bacteria to become established in your pond.
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72046 AmmoDown BRF-13A 8 OZ treats 1000 gals. $19.95 Add to Cart
72047 AmmoDown BRF-13A 32 OZ treats 4000 gals. $54.95 Add to Cart