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Bio Reactor 4000

Bio Reactor 4000

This two chamber tank can be configured as a bio/mechanical or a pure bio filter. It can also be conected to the Bio Reactor Settling Tank. Each tank has a slanted bottom with a drain. The Bio Reactor Filter can be installed above or a pond level depending on the set up. For in ground gravity installations we incorporate a well for an Eliminator 9 Sludge Pump (pump not inclued) in order to pump the waste to sewer or your garden. This makes cleaning very convenient. chamber 2 drains back into chamber 1 with the use of a standpipe included.

Outside Dimensions: 52"L x 28" W x 39.5" H

Contains approx 200 gallons.

The system is complete and includes:

  • Heavy duty fiberglass construction 2 chamber tank.
  • 12 cubic feet of Matala media.
  • Drain valves, all inlet and outlet fittings.
  • Lid.
  • Each tank is custom built to your pond specifics regarding pipe size and locations. 4" pipe, 3" pipe, 2" pipe and 1.5" pipe sizes all available per order.
  • The system can be built as a gravity fed system or a pump fed system.

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