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Bio Reactor Settling Tank

Bio Reactor Settling Tank

A settling tank is installed ahead of your pump and biofilter. A settling tank will settle solid waste before it reaches the pump or biofilter. The water from the pond will flow via 3" to 4" bottom drains by gravity to the settling tank. In this way, solids are not ground up by the pump. The Bio-Reactor Settling Tank is positioned at the same elevation as the pond. The water level in the settling tank is the same as the water level in the pond. The top of the settling tank is positioned 2 inches above the pond water level. The bottom of the Bio-Reactor Settling Tank is ?? inches below the pond water level. This type of filter should be designed into the pond plan before you actually dig the pond. (Retrofitting a settling tank to an existing pond would require complete repiping in many cases and is not advisable.)

The Bio-Reactor Settling Tank is a two part system. The water enters the tank, upflows to the surface and gently rolls downward. This actually enhances settling of solids. Large solids will settle at this point. Smaller particles are baffled by a series of Black Matala mats. The smaller particles collect and conglomerate together, they become heavier and also settle. Very little solid debris passes through. The waste accumulates on the V bottom where a bottom drain or Eliminator 9 Sludge Pump (not included) will send it to the sewer.

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