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Koi 2 Kichi by Peter Waddington

Koi 2 Kichi by Peter Waddington

Koi 2 Kichi is the follow-up to Peter Waddington's 1995 Koi Kichi, which has been hailed by Koi lovers worldwide as the definitive resource for serious hobbyists.

Koi 2 Kichi is not just a book, it's a Nishikigoi experience, a completely original and totally unique package. Unlike Koi Kichi, Koi2Kichi is a journey in two books.

The Koi2Kichi package includes:

  • Book 1 - The Path to Understanding
  • Book 2 - The Path to Yamakoshi
  • Yamakoshi Nishikigoi Map
  • DVD of the tours
  • Black slip case
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