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Bulk Head Fittings

Bulk Head Fittings

Very hard to find! These fittings are designed to go through the walls of filters and ponds, making additional jets and pond returns a reality without worrying about leaks.

Thru-tank adapters with gasket and nut. This fitting (pictured to the right) has a 2.5" shaft instead of the standard 1" shaft.

Easy to use with liners to attach pvc flexible and rigid plumbing. A must for plastic or fiberglass bio-filter tanks. Makes plumbing a barrel simple. Available in many sizes.

Item #  Description Price Add to Cart
120014 Bulk Head Fitting 1/2 in Long Shaft $7.95 Add to Cart
120015 Bulk Head Fitting 3/4 in Long Shaft $7.95 Add to Cart
120016 Bulk Head Fitting 1 in Long Shaft $7.95 Add to Cart
120009 Bulk Head Fitting 1.5 in Long Shaft $10.95 Add to Cart
120021 Bulk Head Fitting 2 in Long Shaft $12.95 Add to Cart