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Chlor-GonSodium thiosulfate for dechlorination of tap water during water changes or anytime tap water is added to the pond or aquarium.

Mix entire contents into a one-gallon jug of pure water. Shake to dissolve. One teaspoon of this solution treats at least 10 gallons; one cup treats 600 gallons; entire gallon treats 10,000 gallons. Appropriate dosages will vary with amount of chlorine or chloramines in the tap water of your area; when in doubt, use a slightly larger amount of Chlor-gon.

Best when used within one year.
Item #  Description Price Add to Cart
70001 Chlor-Gon makes 1 gal. Treats 19000 gal. $10.49 Add to Cart
70002 Chlor-Gon 1 lb. Bulk $30.00 Add to Cart
70003 Chlor-Gon 2 lb. Bulk $50.00 Add to Cart