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Disease Control

1.) When ever koi appear in distress, unhealthy or abnormal, follow these steps as a treatment pathway.

  1. Check pond environment:
  2. Test for ammonia, nitrite, pH and oxygen.
  3. Consider chlorine or chloramine poisoning from untreated tap water.
  4. Consider fertilizer or pesticide runoff from garden.
  5. Correct any environmental stressors first before using medications.
  6. A healthy pond equals healthy koi.

2.) If the environment is correct but koi still act sick:

  1. Bring sick koi up close in a blue koi tub for observation.
  2. Look for visible parasites such as fish lice or anchor worm...If seen go to #3
  3. Look for white film, mucous or white spots..........................If seen go to #4
  4. Look for red bloody sores or ulcers.......................................If seen go to #5

3) Use TRICHLORACIDE per directions. Use a double dose when pH is
above 7.5

  • Above 60°F treat once every 5 days for a total of 4 treatments.
  • Below 60°F treat once every 10 days for a total of 4 treatments.
  • Below 50°F do not treat.


  • Add rock salt to pond at 2.5 lbs/100 gals as a long term pond bath.
  • Increase salt to a total of 4 lbs/100 gals if koi show improvement.
  • Gradually change water to reduce salt after koi are normal for 4 weeks.

DO NOT USE SALT IF YOU HAVE AQUATIC PLANTS OR AN ALGAE BLOOM. The salt will kill these and pollute the pond, thereby increasing stress. Remove excess algae or plants before using salt.



  • Add NOXICH alone or together with TRICHLORACIDE per directions with salt in pond.
  • Above 65°F treat every 3 to 5 days for a total of 4 treatments
  • Below 65°F treat every 5 to 7 days for a total of 4 treatments.
  • Below 50°F do not treat. Use salt only per #4a.



  • Use PARACIDE GREEN alone or together with TRICHLORACIDE and WITHOUT SALT in water gardens or in koi ponds when salt concentration is less than 2.5 lbs./100 gals.
  • Above 65°F, treat every 3 to 5 days for 4 total treatments.
  • Below 65°F, treat every 5 to 7 days for 4 total treatments.
  • Below 60°F, do not treat, instead treat as in #4b.

4d) If koi do not respond to program #4 after 1 week, you may
have resistant parasites like flukes or trichodina. Go to #4 e
and f.

4e) Use FLUKE TABS. Treat once a week. 2 treatments total.


4f) Use POTASSIUM PERMANGANATE for trichodina at low dose
of 1 tsp. per 1000 gals. according to directions.

Some white growths or lumps on koi are viral in nature and are only treatable in water temp above 65°F and usually are not dangerous to the koi unless feeding is impaired.


  • Open bloody sores visible on body or fins:
  • Use MISTY MOUNTAIN medicated food per directions.
  • Also use salt per #4a.


  • Following a parasitic or environment stress, the koi can get bacteria in the gills or on the skin. These may not be discernible. If gill bacteria or fin and body rot is suspected, use FURANACE as a separate medicated bath per directions or feed MISTY MOUNTAIN medicated food per directions or use ACRIFLAVIN mixtures in pond as directed.


Note: This outline is not intended as a diagnostic tool, it is merely an aid to generic treatments.