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Heavy Duty Manifolds

Heavy Duty Manifolds

Use the 6 way or 12 way air manifolds for aquariums or ponds that need a lot of small air stones all over the place. (messy)

These are only 1/8" barbs and very restrictive for the air flow so the pump tends to run hot and will wear out the rubber diaphragms sooner than desired.

The pump will still work but the diaphragm lifetime is shorter.

Use 6 way only for Hakko 25

Use 12 way for Hakko 40 to 60

Use two 12 way for HK80L

Use three 12 way for HK100 or HK120L.

For most ponds it is better to use the Heavy Duty Manifolds.

These are available as 2 way or 4 way.

The barb outlets available are 3/8", ½” or 5/8”.

So use 3/8”, ½” or 5/8” ID hose.

  PDF File for Heavy Duty Manifolds
Item #  Description Price Add to Cart
28030 2 Way HD Manifold 3/8-in. SC2-38 $29.00 Add to Cart
28032 4 Way HD Manifold 3/8-in. SC4-38 $47.00 Add to Cart
28057 2 Way HD Manifold 1/2-in. SC2-12 $32.00 Add to Cart
28058 4 Way HD Manifold 1/2-in. SC4-12 $55.00 Add to Cart
28031 2 Way HD Manifold 5/8-in. SC2-58 $34.00 Add to Cart
28033 4 Way HD Manifold 5/8-in. SC4-58 $57.00 Add to Cart