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Koi Breeder: Toshio Sakai

Koi Farm Name: Isawa Nishikigoi Center

 - Isawa Nishikigoi Center

Toshio Sakai founded Isawa Nishikikoi Center at age 18. He succeeded the first breeding of Matsunosuke Sanshoku in Isawa. The offspring of the original Matsunosuke Sanshoku have received numerous awards. Among many, Chiba Grand Championship, Saitama Grand Championship, Kanto Koshin-Chiku Grand Championship, and All Japan Nishikikoi Shinkou-Kai Kokugyo awards and Grand Championship.

While developing solid award records, Matsunosuke Sanshoku siblings continued to spawn for over thirty-eight (38) years and continued to produce numerous award-winning champions of Matsunosuke Sanshoku. His Goshiki received the first place award for five consecutive years and its siblings produced the champion fish in Koromo, Budou-Koromo, and Kawarimono.

His challenge continues to be the production of Koi with further improvement in size, quality, and long-lasting beauty. He has served as the director of All Japan Nishikikoi Shinkoukai.  After many years of development, Matsunosuke Koi became the All Japan Show Grand Champions in 1994, 1995, 1997, and 2002. Toshio Sakai went on to develop a Matsunosuke blood line for Showa that has become highly respected and shows great quality because of the stability of the Sumi.

Koi Varieties Bred:

Taisho SanshokuTaisho Sanshoku
Taisho Sanshoku

Showa SanshokuShowa Sanshoku
Showa Sanshoku

Shiro UtsuriShiro Utsuri
Shiro Utsuri






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