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"Boy that little Tiny Mite pump you sold me sure puts out a lot of water. Thanks for the great price and service."
Craig H. Mission Viejo
Laguna Koi Ponds
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Koi Breeder: Shintaro

Koi Farm Name: Shintaro Koi Farm

 - Shintaro Koi Farm

When leaving the services of Toshio Sakai, Masaru SaitoMasaru Saito received breeding stock from Sakai, and with these parents started his own business using true Matsunosuke bloodlines Koi, and to this very day still use’s them, the original female died in 2006 after over 15 years of services, over this time Saito has produced other female parents from the original, and now has his best female at 94cms and producing upwards of 2million eggs per spawning!

Shintaro Koi farm now has 2 major Koi houses plus a big tosai house. After the big Earthquake Saito San lost 85% of all his mud ponds in the disaster, with each cloud having a silver lining, a hobbyist in  Kawaguchi town who had some of the best mud ponds in the area. He died and his family offered the ponds, which consisted of 14 ponds, 1 being the biggest main pond in Niigata. Saito San took them on and with government help got another 12 ponds which were for fry only on the flat lands in Nagaoka, along with some other ponds that he managed to repair after the Earthquake, Saito San now has over 35 mud ponds, the operation is growing at a massive rate. Saito San also speaks very good English, and always has a cup of tea waiting for anyone.

Breeding  Sanke, Kohaku and some Showa, all originating from Matsunosuke bloodline.

Koi Varieties Bred:


Showa SanshokuShowa Sanshoku
Showa Sanshoku

Taisho SanshokuTaisho Sanshoku
Taisho Sanshoku

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