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Leaf Traps

Prefiltration is extremely important. Solid waste accumulates daily in a pond and is the number one problem for filtration. Algae growth, excess food, fish waste, leaves and yard debris, aquatic plant material all accumulate and foul your pond. A prefilter will focus on removing these solids regularly. The prefilter will protect the pump from clogging and prevent heavy debris from entering the biofilter. Your maintenance will be mostly focused on solids removal and a good prefilter will make this job easier.

Prefilters may be attached directly to your submersible pump or to an external pump. Leaf traps ot the Mega Strainer leaf traps will attach to an external pump. The EZ Bio filters, Pondmaster 1000 and the Patio Ponds Little Sub will attach to your submersible pump.

A settling tank is an ideal prefilter where the solids settle out in a large tank before reaching the pump or biofilter. A Vortex Settling tank or Cyclone will spin the dirt to the center and facilitates settling of solids.