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Pre-Filters / Vortex Matala EZ Bio Prefilters Matala EZ Bio Prefilters

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Matala EZ Bio Prefilters

Matala EZ Bio Prefilters

Mechanical pre-filtration for pumps. Prevents flow reduction due to premature clogging.

The EZ Bio 11 has a single gray core filter element. This gray core element is 4 inch diameter and 7.5 inch long. The older style Blue cores are no longer available. The EZ Bio 20 has 2 filter core elements; an internal Gray core combined with a larger Green outer core element. The outer Green core element is 8 inch diameter and 7.5" long.

These core elements slide over a rigid slotted pipe. This rigid slotted pipe has a 1.5" male thread on one end and a 1.5" female thread on the other end. It is possible to connect multiple slotted pipes together to extend the length of the EZ Bio.

Replacement core elements are available in Gray size 4"dia. x 7.5" and Green size 8"dia. x 7.5".

Item #  Description Price Add to Cart
61040 EZ Bio 11 $23.00 Add to Cart
61050 EZ Bio 20 $40.00 Add to Cart
61056 EZ Bio Grey Replacement Core Element 4-in. dia x 7.5-in. L $14.00 Add to Cart
61055 EZ Bio Green Replacement Core Element 8-in.dia x 7.5-in. L $20.00 Add to Cart
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