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BioSteps 10 Filter

BioSteps 10 Filter

This filter features state of the art progressive filtration using Matala Filtration Media. Each filter is designed for decorative ponds up to 2,660 gallons and Koi ponds up to 1000 gallons. For larger ponds, simply run additional filters in parallel.

Matala Bio-Steps Filters feature the latest generation of filter media. This lightweight, versatile product is made of curly fibre thermo-polypropylene compounds and is non-toxic to the environment.

Add a UV clarifier for better algae control.

  • State of the art progressive filtration
  • Includes 8 Matala filter mats with progressive densities
  • Filter design enhances growth of different ecological communities of bacteria and planktonic organisms that will colonize different sections of the filter
  • Cross-flow pattern: Traps more dirt at high flow rates without plugging
  • Built-in overflow safety
  • Easy maintenance
  • Sloped bottom with built-in sludge drain
  • Rugged construction
  • 1-year manufacturer's limited warranty

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61010 BioSteps 10 $199.00 Add to Cart
60099 9 Watt UVC for Bio Steps $111.00 Add to Cart
60101 18 Watt UVC for Bio Steps $153.00 Add to Cart