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Matala Black

Matala Black

The Black Matala® can be used as a support grate for other layers of media due to it’s very sturdy and open design. In a settling chamber the Black will slow down and trap very large particles and hair algae.

When you use the Black or Green Matala® for solids filtering you may use the garden hose to spray clean them. The dirt falls off very easily.

R-Matala, the perfect "drop in" media for Vortex filters and barrel filters. R-Matala has the same qualities as the sheets of Matala in a coiled pre-cut cartridge.

Simply select the diameter roll and the density you need for your round tank and drop it in.

Seven diameters are available: 22"; 24"; 27"; 30"; 37"; 42" and 48 inch.


Item #  Description Price Add to Cart
60036 Matala Black 22 in. Roll $57.00 Add to Cart
60040 Matala Black 24 in. Roll $68.00 Add to Cart
60044 Matala Black 27 in. Roll $86.00 Add to Cart
60048 Matala Black 30 in. Roll $107.00 Add to Cart
60052 Matala Black 37 in. Roll $162.00 Add to Cart
60056 Matala Black 42 in. Roll $209.00 Add to Cart
60060 Matala Black 48 in. Roll $274.00 Add to Cart