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Laguna Koi Ponds
20452 Laguna Canyon Rd.
Laguna Beach, CA. 92651 U.S.A.
Hours of Operation:
Monday-Saturday 9AM-5PM Sunday 11AM-4PM
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MED Finn Medicated Food

MED Finn Medicated Food

MED Finn

Medicated Food of Koi and Goldfish

MedFinn will Treat Most Gram Negative Bacterial infections Ulcerative hemmhoragic septicemia: Large ulcers on the body of the fish Hemmhoragic septicemia with abdominal distension and exophiala: General bleeding under the scales with a bloated abdomen often accompanied by pop eye. May be called pine coning Mouth and Fin Rot: Degeneration of the tissue in the mouth and on the fins. Affected areas are being eaten away. Columnaris on skin and gills: May look like white tufts or patches and will lead to ulcerations and massive tissue loss. Can cause rapid mortality when in the gills Bacterial Gill Disease: Like columnaris and can cause rapid mortality.

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