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Mixing Eductors

Mixing Eductors

Permits the use of relatively small pumps to circulate large volumes of water in your pond. Thus avoiding pond water stratification and can prevint settling of solids if needed. One GPM of pressureized water int an eductor circulates four gallons of existing pond water.

Pressurized liquid is pumped through the nozzle and enters the diffuser at high velocity, entraining the suction of existing pond water. The large velocity difference between the input water and the standing pond water causes the mixing. The pressure source may be provided by a stand alone pump or a filter discharge into your pond. Molded of glass-filled polypropylene, smooth clean surfaces, resists plugging. Think of this product as a circulation amplifier.

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130938 Mixing Eductor 3/8 in mpt $28.00 Add to Cart
130975 Mixing Eductor 3/4 in mpt $34.00 Add to Cart
130910 Mixing Eductor 1 in mpt $53.00 Add to Cart
130915 Mixing Eductor 1.5 in mpt $64.00 Add to Cart