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Cyclone Vortex 5000 System

Cyclone Vortex 5000 System

Designed for mid-sized Koi ponds, the Cyclone 5000 System provides excellent mechanical & biological filtration in an easy-to-clean system. The Cyclone 5000 System works best as a Gravity Fed System, but can be used as a Combination System.

Vortex Chamber
The First Chamber is for removing large solids and debris coming from the Bottom Drain or Pump. The water enters this chamber tangentially allowing for the heavier particles to sink to the bottom and the clean fresh water to raise to the top and move on to the Brush Chamber. At the recommended flow rates, this chamber is 95% effective removing solids.

Brush Chamber
The Second Chamber is for removing tiny particles that were not removed in the Vortex Stage. This chamber is an "upflow" design to keep all particulates on the bottom of the 24 brushes. The debris will settling in the bottom of this chamber, along with clinging to the brushes. Only fresh, particle free water will be able to move on to the Bio Chamber.

Bio Chamber
The Final Chamber is biologically active for breaking down dissolved toxins. This Chamber is the most customizable. It comes with two 38" diameter x 2" thick white filter mats. Also included is a bio-plate for adding other things to your Bio-Chamber. The plate comes with holes drilled in it for airstones and other media. We recommend Matala™ Rolls for this Chamber. After the water passes through the bio-media, it leaves the system from a 1 1/2" drain in the bottom. Most external pumps are 1.5" or 2" inputs so there is little to no additional adapters needed.

DimensionsVolumeRecommended Flow RateGravity or PressureWeightPond Size

126"l x 38"w x 38.5"h

480 gal



237 lbs.

5000 gal

Ships by Truck - Call for Shipping Cost

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