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Pond Medications - Every pond owner with fish, at some time or another, will probably have to medicate their pond. Though Koi are extremely hardy, it is very important to keep a watch on their environment to keep them at their healthiest.

We carry an extensive line of medications for your Koi.

Attention should be paid to the quality of water and balance of the pond (i.e. pH levels etc.). However, if problems do occur, the first step is to remove the individual fish or decide whether to treat the entire pond.

It is sometimes difficult to be aware of a problem with a fish until its too late.

Be aware of your Koi's behavior patterns so changes can be detected early. A change in your Koi's behavior is usually the first sign that that your Koi are stressed or ill.

For a visual description of Koi Diseases Check out our Koi Diseases & Treatments page.

Bacterial Koi Diseases & Treatments
Fin & Tail rot. (Flexibacter Columnaris), Holes. (Aeromonas), Vibrio.

One of the prime causes of fish mortality is bacterial disease. With the exception of "columaris" nearly all bacterial infections occur after another problem has occurred, stress is a prime factor with bacterial disease. Most are gram-negative organisms.

Treatments are divided between in the pond medications, bath treatments, topical treatments, medicated food and injections.

In the Pond Medications like Melafix, Acriflavin or Furazone Light , salt. These can work well in the early stages of infection. Full blown infections will not be resolved with these treatments.

Bath Treatments would consist of Potassiium Permanganate or Chloramine T. These are given in a smaller bath of known quantity with a high dose of medicine for a short period. These can work well on individual fish and in cases where the pond treatment is ineffective.

Topical Treatments are Potassium Permanganate, the Kusuri First Aid Kit, merchurochrome, Orahesive Powder, Debride ointment or Bio Bandage.
These are used right on the wound as a cleaning agent and antiseptic. The ointments will function as a sealer and help the wound heal faster.

Medicated Food includes Debride RX and Medi-Koi food. Feed these exclusively for 10 days. Be careful to feed only what the fish will consume so the antibiotic does not dissolve in the water. The sick koi will have to eat well to get the medicine.

Injections of antibiotics is usually the best way to treat bacterial infections. Typical antibiotics proven successful are Baytril, Amikasin or Azactam among a few. Antibiotics are given by syringe into the fish's belly or muscle tissue. A known concentration can be given typically in 3 to 5 consecutive treatments over a 7 to 10 day period. These antibiotics can only be prescribed by a veterinarian. We do have graphs and recommendations for dosage and fish size.

Fungal Koi Diseases & Treatments
A secondary infection in the area of some other fish injury. Also affects damaged or disturbed fish eggs.

Treatments include: Acriflavin, iodine, Malachite Green, salt, formalin as a bath, topical, or in pond.

Parasitic Koi Diseases & Treatments
Anchor worm, Fish lice (Argulus), Flukes, Ich, Internal parasites.
Most fish carry parasites, but older fish develop a degree of resistance that prevents problems. Parasites like anchor worms and fish lice usually are a problem whenever present. Young fish are more susceptible to illness caused by parasites. Stress situations and seasonal climatic variations can bring on infections.

Treatments include: Trichloracide, Fluke Tabs, Proform C, Paracide Green, Nox-Ich, Potassium Permanganate or salt in the whole pond or in a bath.

Kusuri Ulcer / Wound...

Kusuri Ulcer / Wound / Abrasion KitA complete, easy to use Topical Treatment Kit for Koi.All kit components are spares replaceable, so you need never run short of any particular item. If there is one thing you should keep at home for your Koi this is it! ... (continued)
Kusuri Ulcer / Wound...

Melafix 64 oz

Melafix 64 ozMela Fix ia an all-natural antibacterial remedy which rapidly repairs damaged fins, ulcers & open wounds. Use Mela Fix when adding new fish to your pond. Safe for snails & other invertebrates and will not harm ... (continued)
Melafix 64 oz

Nox-Ich Quart

Nox-Ich QuartNox-Ich! Knocks out parasites, bacteria and even Ich. Use when adding anything to your pond, including plants and snails. 4 oz size treats 2200 gallons. 1 pint size treats 7200 gallons. 1 quart si... (continued)
Nox-Ich Quart