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Pondmaster 20 Watt

Pondmaster 20 WattThe Danner 20 Watt is an ideal option for water sterilization and clarification for ponds up to 3000 gallons in size. The Danner 20 Watt controls the amount of harmful bacteria and algae in your pond for a healthier ecosystem and can be connected to pumps with a flow rate of up to 1800 GPH.

The unit is fully submerersible and has a glowing ring that can be easily seen to verify the unit is operating. The water-tight quartz lamp is rated at 9000 hours.
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89004 Pondmaster 20 Watt Unit $259.00 Add to Cart
89820 Pondmaster 20 Watt Lamp $79.95 Add to Cart
99906 Pondmaster 20 Watt Quartz Sleeve $35.95 Add to Cart