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1/4 HP Rocking Compressor MPC-60C

1/4 HP Rocking Compressor MPC-60C

This is the 1/4 HP compressor and air filter (MPC-60A) combined with a 2 way heavy duty manifold.

The manifold includes an oil filled pressure gauge to reduce indicator vibration. This gives a more accurate reading of the actual psi of your system. Also attached is a pressure relief valve which opens at approximately 17 psi to prevent damage to the compressor. The gang valves are high quality brass with 3/8" barbs connectors. A short section of heat resistant hose is included so as to reduce heat to your air hose connection. All high quality components and very nice design.

Purchase with or without a cabinet.

Features include:

  • 1/4hp; 115v; 60 Hz
  • Max amps 2.27 @115V; 226 watts
  • Max pressure 50 feet deep, 17.34 psi
  • 2 way 3/8" manifold valve.
  • Oil filled pressure gauge
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Heat protection hose.
  • OIl-less non lube piston and cylinder.
  • Cylinder hard coated for wear resistance.
  • Head design allows for easy replacement of piston seal.
  • Permanently lubricated bearings.
  • Balanced for smooth low vibration operation.
  • Safety protected.
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28086 Rocking Compressor MPC-60C1 with 2 Way Manifold and Cabinet $814.00 Add to Cart