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Water Pumps - External Sequence Pumps Sequence 1000 Series

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Sequence 1000 Series

Sequence 1000 Series

The Classic! The model 1000 series has set the stand by which all others are measured. This series is a perfect blend of medium pressure and ample flow for the majority of ponds. Motor is totally enclosed, fan-cooled for durability. 115V or 230V Supplied with an 8-foot, 115V cord set. 3 year limited warranty.

3300SEQ21 Specification Sheet

4500SEQ21 Specification Sheet

5100SEQ22 Specification Sheet

6100SEQ23 Specification Sheet

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27072 Sequence 1000 3300SEQ21 **FREE SHIPPING** $548.25 Add to Cart
27073 Sequence 1000 4500SEQ21 **FREE SHIPPING** $572.05 Add to Cart
27076 Sequence 1000 5100SEQ22 **FREE SHIPPING** $595.00 Add to Cart
27077 Sequence 1000 6100SEQ23 **FREE SHIPPING** $617.95 Add to Cart