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Water Pumps - External Sequence Pumps Sequence Primer Champion

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Sequence Primer Champion

Sequence Primer Champion

The Primer series integrates a basket-type pre-filter and self-priming capabilities into one efficient package for trouble-free operation. The motor is totally enclosed, fan-cooled for durability 115V or 230V with an 8-foot, cordset. 3 year limited warranty .

Special features include an internal diffuser to allow for displacement of trapped air. This type of pump will continue to move water even when there is some air in the line.

The integrated strainer basket on all primer units helps protect the internal rotating parts of the pump from damage due to external debris being pulled into the pump. The simple cover allows for quick cleaning.

3700PRM21 Specification Sheet

4900PRM21 Specification Sheet

6600PRM24 Specification Sheet

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27078 Seq Primer 3700PRM21 **FREE SHIPPING** $1063.00 Add to Cart
27080 Seq Primer 4900PRM21 **FREE SHIPPING** $1087.00 Add to Cart
27079 Seq Primer 6600PRM24 **FREE SHIPPING** $1106.00 Add to Cart