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Cyclone Tanks

Cyclone Tanks

Cyclone or Vortex settling tanks function best when fed directly by the bottom drains via gravity flow. In this way the solids are not ground up by the pump. As the water enters the tangental port it spins towards the outside of the tank. This creates a laminar flow of water which is slightly slower than the rest of the flow. This layer allows debris to settle to the bottom of the cone where you can drain to waste. Ideally waste should be by gravity but more typically you must pump to waste. Vortex systems are flow rate dependent. Do not send water through faster than the manufacturer recommends. Typically, slower flow rates work better. You can try this flow rate for example: Divide the gallons of water in the vortex by 4 to give you the flow rate in gallons per minute. If the tank holds 100 gallons divide by 4 gives 25 gallons per minute.

Cyclone I Settling Chamber

DimensionsVolumeRecommended Flow RateGravity or PressureWeightPond Size

43.25"w x 39"h

200 gal



75 lbs.

4000 gal

Cyclone II Settling Chamber

DimensionsVolumeRecommended Flow RateGravity or PressureWeightPond Size

38"w x 38.5"h

150 gal



65 lbs.

3000 gal

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