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Water Pumps - External  -

We offer professional grade external water pumps. The water pump is the heart of your system. Your success depends on choosing the right pump for your system. The pump must match the pond size, filter size and ultraviolet clarifier flow rates. The pump MUST run 24 hours a day to ensure proper oxygen levels. Our pumps are high volume with low head pressure for electrical savings.

Our aim is to turn the pond over through the filter at least once per hour for ponds less than 5000 gallons and at least once every hour and a half for larger ponds. Ponds accumulate and produce a lot of debris. High turnover rates get the dirt to the filter as it is being produced.

Low head pressure Artesian PumpYou will need to calculate your total head pressure of the plumbing system. High head pressure will reduce flow rates and the efficiency of our pumps.

Our pumps are low head / high volume / low electricity pumps. Calculating your total dynamic head pressure can be challenging so try our easy to use total head pressure calculator.

Follow these guidelines:

- Use large diameter pipes. At least 2 inch for pressurized systems and 3-4 inch for gravity flow non-pressurized systems.

- Use short pipe runs. Long pipe distances will add friction and reduce your efficiency.

- Use few fittings. many connections and fittings will increase friction and reduce flow.

- Keep your waterfalls and water features low profile. Very tall waterfall / features adds vertical lift pressure. A 20 foot tall watefall will exceed our pumps abilities. You will require a high horsepower energy consuming pump to pump this high. A water feature 3 to 4 feet above pond level is natural looking and does not add appreciable head pressure.

- Use low pressure filter systems. Our non-pressurized, gravity flow systems add almost no extra head pressure. Our Ultima II pressurized system only adds 5 feet of head.

Sequence 750 Series Pump

The following formula will assist you in determining how much you will spend (approximately) per month to run the pump you select.


Amps x Volts = Watts

Watts x 744 and divide by 1000 = KWH per month

KWH per month x Cost per KWH (located on your electric bill) = Cost per month.

Or feel free to use our handy pump cost calculator.

See the article below for more information.

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