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Laguna Koi Ponds
20452 Laguna Canyon Rd.
Laguna Beach, CA. 92651 U.S.A.
Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM Satuday 10AM-5PM
Sunday 11AM-4PM
(949) 494-5107
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1/2 HP Compressor w/Cabinet
1/2 HP Rocking Compressor MPC-120A
1/2 HP Rocking Compressor MPC-120C
1/4 HP Compressor w/Cabinet
1/4 HP Rocking Compressor MPC-60A
1/4 HP Rocking Compressor MPC-60C
1000 Gallon Pond Kit
144 LED Color Changing Light
2000 Gallon Pond Kit
3/4 HP Compressor w/Cabinet
3/4 HP Rocking Compressor MPC-200A
3/4 HP Rocking Compressor MPC-200C
4000 Gallon Pond Kit
6000 Gallon Pond Kit
8 inch Circle Diffuser
8000 Gallon Pond Kit
A Brief Overview of Koi Care
Advanced Koi Care
Air Disc
Air Stones
Air Tube Diffuser
Air Tube Diffuser Self Weighted
AKCA Guide to Koi Health
AKCA Guide to Pond Construction
AKCA Guide to Pre-Filters and Filters
Aladdin No Niche Skimmer
Algae Control
Alkalinity (Carbonate hardness) in Ponds
Alpha One Plus 2.5 Filters
Ammonia in Ponds
Ammonia Test Kit
AmQuel Pond Plus
Anchor Worm
Aqua Art Retro Drain
Aqua Master Growth
Aqua Star
Aqua Ultraviolet 114 Watt
Aqua Ultraviolet 120 Watt
Aqua Ultraviolet 15 Watt
Aqua Ultraviolet 160 Watt
Aqua Ultraviolet 200 Watt
Aqua Ultraviolet 240 Watt
Aqua Ultraviolet 25 Watt
Aqua Ultraviolet 40 Watt
Aqua Ultraviolet 57 Watt
Aqua Ultraviolet 8 Watt
Aqua Ultraviolet 80 Watt
Aqua UV Media
Aqua Wave Pumps
AquaPonics 60
Aquarium Air Manifolds
Aquasurge Pumps
Artesian Replacement Lid
Ball Valves
Barb Fittings
Barley Straw
Barley Straw Extract
Barley Straw Pellets
Big John 1/3 hp Sump Pump
Big Sister Filter
Bio Bale
Bio Reactor 10000
Bio Reactor 4000
Bio Reactor Settling Tank
Bio Wave Media
BioSteps 10 Filter
BioSteps 10 Filter
BioSteps Plug N' Play
BioSteps Replacement Pads
Bird Netting
Bulk Head Fittings
Calculating Pond Gallons
Cascade Waterfall Box
Cast Brass Underwater Lights
Cetus Sieve
Chlorine in Ponds
Clear-Flo 1400 Kit
Clear-Flo 2100 Kit
Clear-Flo 3200 Kit
Controlling algae in your Koi pond
Cotton Wool Disease
Critter Getter
Cyclone Tanks
Cyclone Vortex 5000 System
Cyclone Vortex 7500 System
Dainichi All Season
Dainichi Color Intensifier
Dainichi Premium
Debride Ointment
Diaphragm Kits
Disease Control
Dragon III Pumps
Dual Air Base w/ Disc
Eliminator Sump Pump
Elite Cascade Waterfall Kit 14-in
Elite Mini Cascade Waterfall Kit
Elite Skimmers
Elite Waterfalls
Enviro-Reps Superbugs
Enviro-Reps Tint It Blue
EZ Pro Semi Vortex Sump Pump
Filter Brushes
Filter Comparison
Finrot and Ulcers
Fish Lice (Argulus)
Fish Lice and Anchor Worm
Flange Connectors
Flip N Float Valve
FRP Biological Filter Systems
Gate Valves
Geyser Hi-Flow Pumps
GeyserMaxFlow Graph
Gill Maggots
Green Water (Algae) in Ponds
Hai Feng Green
Hai Feng Quick Grow
Hakko 150 L, 200 L & 250 L
Hakko Replacement Magnets
Hand Feeding Koi
Hand-Feeding Koi
Health Care
Health Care for Koi
Heat Therapy
Heavy Duty Bulkheads
Heavy Duty Manifolds
Helix Skimmer
Helix Waterfall Filter
Hikari Gold
Hikari Muji
Hikari Utsuri
Hikari Weat-Germ
How to Pick a Pump
Hydroton Media
Immersion UVC
Intake Screens
Intake Strainers
Iron Might In-Line Pump
Judging and Buying Koi
Knife Valves
Koi Cafe - Automatic Koi Feeder
Koi Clear 105 V
Koi Clear Vortex Filter
Koi Feeding Guide
Koi Feeding Guide
Koi Medic Salt Meter
Koi Parasite Chart
Koi Pond Filtration
Koishi - Koi Breeders-Creators of Living Jewels
KoiToilet II Bottom Drain
Kordon NovAqua
Kusuri Fluke-M 65 GM
Kusuri Masuzai Fish Anaesthetic
Kusuri Roccal Wound Cleaner
Kusuri Ulcer / Wound / Abrasion Kit
Laguna Pond Netting
Laguna Power Glo 40 LED Lights
Leaf Trap Adapter Reducer
Leaf Trap Adapter Slip
Leaf Trap Adapter Threadded
Leaf Trap Adapter Unions
Leaf Traps
Liner Bottom Drain
Little Sister Filter
Little Sister Filter
Living Water
Luminosity 120 LED White Light
Luminosity 72 LED Color Changing Light
Magicmend Pipe Extenders
Manual of Koi Health
Master Liquid Test Kit
Matala BioForce Replacement Pads
Matala Black
Matala Black
Matala Blue
Matala Blue
Matala EZ Air Mini Pro Kit
Matala EZ Air Pro 1
Matala EZ Air Pro 2 Plus-W Kit
Matala EZ Air Pro 3 Kit
Matala EZ Air Pro 4 Plus Kit
Matala EZ Air Pro 5 Plus Kit
Matala EZ Air Pro 6 Plus Kit
Matala EZ Bio Prefilters
Matala GeyserFlow Pumps
Matala GeyserMaxFlow Pumps
Matala Gray
Matala Gray
Matala Green
Matala Green
Matala Muck Buster Vac ll Plus
Matala Muck Buster Vacuum II
Matala Pond Vacuum Pro
Matala Power-Cyclone Vac
Matala Replacement Ballasts
Matala Savio Replacement Pads
Matala Stainless Steel UV With High Output Lamp
Matala UV
Matala UV Replacement Bulbs
Matala Versiflow Pumps
Matala Versiflow V-3200
Matala Versiflow V-3900
Matala Versiflow V-4700
Matala Versiflow V-5600
Matala Viewing Tubs
Measuring Tank
MED Finn Medicated Food
Mega Strainer
Mega Strainer Large Leaf Trap
Microbe-Lift PL
Mixing Eductors
Mixing Koi Populations Part 1
Mixing Koi Populations Part 2
Net Pole 4 ft to 8 ft.
Nijikawa Four Seasons Koi Food
Nijikawa Growth Koi Food
Nipple Reducers
Nitrate in Ponds
Nitrite in Ponds
Nitrite Test Kit
Nitrofuracin Green Powder
Open Cell Foam
Operating Costs
Osaka FRP Filter Tanks
Osaka Vortex FRP Filter Tanks
Parasitic Crustaceans and Monogenetic Flukes
Patio Ponds Little Sub Prefilter
Pearls of Paradise Show Tanks
PerformancePro Artesian 2
PerformancePro Cascade
pH in Ponds
Plastic Float Valves
Pond Flex PVC Pipe
Pond Shield - Pond Armor
PondCare AlgaeFix
PondCare MelaFix
Pondmaster 10 Watt
PondMaster 1000 Prefilter
Pondmaster 20 Watt
Pondmaster 40 Watt
Pondmaster Flow Chart
Pondmaster Garden Pond Filter
Pondmaster Pro Line HY Pumps
Pondmaster Pumps
Pondmaster Replacement Impellers
Pondmaster Replacement Pads
Pondmaster Replacement Volutes
PondMax Accessories
PondMAX All in One Filter
PondMax Color LED Lights
PondMax EP1100
PondMax EP700
PondMax Filters
PondMax Lights
PondMax White LED Lights
Potassium Permanganate
Pressure-Flo 1400
Pressure-Flo 2100
Pressure-Flo 3200
Preventive Parasite Treatment
Preventive Treatment Guide for Parasites
Protozoan Infestations
Pump Canyons
Pump Defender
PVC Unions
Rhino Bottom Drains
Rio Flow Chart
Rio Powerheads
Rio Replacement Impellers
Rocking Piston Compressors
Rod Diffusers
Sakura Koi Feeder w/Solar
Salinity in Ponds
Salt Therapy
Saprolegnia Fungus
Savio Barley Straw Extract 8 OZ
Savio Springflo
Seamchem pH Buffers
Self Cleaning Pond Shapes
Sequence 1000 Series
Sequence 750 Series
Sequence Primer Champion
Shinmaywa Norus Pump
Should I UV?
Showa Sanshoku
Shower Filter
Single Air Base w/ Disc
Sinking Air Hose
Skim Lite Net
Skim Lite Net Deep Pocket
Skin and Gill Flukes
Sleeping Disease Virus in Koi
Smart Nets
Stand Alone Mini Falls w/ green Matala Pad
Super Blockade
Super FLO Pump VS
Sweep Elbows
Swing Check Valves
Tangential Pond Return
Terra Pond Clay
Tetra Pond Algae Control
TetraPond Sludge Reducer
TetraPond Water Clarifier
The Case for Multi Chamber Filtration
The Cult of the Koi
The Koi Doctor
The Muck Vac
Tiny FRP Filter Tanks
Tiny Might Pump
Toba Tranquility Fountain
Tomigai Spirulina
Tomigai Taberu
Tomigai Wheat Germ
Ultima 1000
Ultima 10000
Ultima 2000
Ultima 4000
Ultima 6000
Uniseal Bulkheads
Vac Hoses
Vacuum Accessories
Venturi Tees
Viewing Tubs
Water Blocks
Water change outs in Ponds
Water Wizard
Waterfall Spillway for BioSteps 10
Waterplug Hydraulic Cement
Waterproofing your Cement Pond
Waterways 12 in. Bottom Drain ( Cement Pond )
Waterways 8 in. Bottom Drain ( Liner Pond )
Waterways 9 in. Bottom Drain ( Cement Pond )
Waterways Flo-Pro II
Waterways Leaf Trap
Waterways Renegade
Waterways TruSeal Valves
Wave I Pumps
Wave II Pumps
Wave III Pumps
Weco Pond Clear
Weighted Air Disc
White Spot (Ich)
Wide Range PH Test Kit
Yumota FRP Filter Tanks
Yumota Vortex FRP Filter Tank
Zakki Sieve Pre Filter

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Bio Reactor 10000

Bio Reactor 10000This 3 chamber filter provides complete koi pond filtration in one unit. The first chamber captures solids in the settling tank. The water moves cross flow through the settling tank and then through a baffle system of c... (continued)
Bio Reactor 10000

Ultima 6000

Ultima 6000ULTIMA II 6000 filter for ponds up to 6000 gallons. Laguna Koi Ponds recommends for ponds up to 4000 gallons. No channeling * Minutes to backwash * Can handle heavy fish loads * Seeded with bacteria * Filter can be bu... (continued)
Ultima 6000

PerformancePro Artes...

PerformancePro Artesian 2PerformancePro Artesian 2 is the perfect choice for high efficiency and reliability, combined with the convenience of self-priming. Molded of corrosion-resistant polypropylene. Artesian pumps are ideal for applications... (continued)
PerformancePro Artes...

Ultima 4000

Ultima 4000ULTIMA II 4000 bead filter for ponds up to 4000 gallons. Laguna Koi Ponds recommends for ponds up to 2500 gallons. No channeling * Minutes to backwash * Can handle heavy fish loads * Seeded with bacteria * Filter can ... (continued)
Ultima 4000

Matala Power-Cyclone...

Matala Power-Cyclone Vac Continuous Pond Vacuum with Power Discharge. 1500 gallon per hour Vacuum-Exhaust Capacity. Matala Water Technology has done it again! This contractor grade continuous vacuum is designed to vacuum large ponds.... (continued)
Matala Power-Cyclone...

Matala Stainless Ste...

Matala Stainless Steel UV With High Output LampMatala Stainless Steel High Output UV Clarifier High Quality lamp and quartz sleeve maintains high output of 254nm. Quick and simple installation. Long service life requires little maintenance. V... (continued)
Matala Stainless Ste...