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BioSteps 10 Filter

BioSteps 10 Filter

The BioSteps 10 pond filter is the number 1 choice for koi ponds up to 1000 gallons and water garden ponds up to 2700 gallons. Multiple BioSteps can be installed in parallel for larger ponds.

Very smart design yet also simple. Packed with progressive Matala filter media for a whopping 200 square feet of total available surface area. It provides both solids filtration and biological filtration. Six sections of filtration total. The first section houses the optional UV Clarifier which guarantees clear water. this section also acts as a settlement chamber for large debris. The next two sections are loaded with green and blue Matala media for capture of solid waste like algae particles, fish waste and uneaten food. The next two sections are loaded with gray Matala media for high surface area biological filtration. The last section is the outlet section which allows for further settling before water exits the tank. This last chamber can also be filled with other media like carbon for chemical filtration or Zeolite for ammonia removal or Biio-Active Stone for increased biological filtration.

No other filter on the market can touch the BioSteps 10 for value, performance and ease of maintenance.

The filter tank has a sloped bottom leading to a bottom drain valve. To clean the BioSteps just turn off the pump, open the drain valve and drain the dirty water out. This drain outlet can be connected to permanent drain pipe to carry away the dirty water easily to your plants or yard drains. Just shake the pads out in the tank or rinse using pond water to dislodge the dirt from the Matala pads. They clean real easy so don't wash too hard. The first green section can be cleaned vigorously but the other media sections should just be shaken or tapped out to dislodge the dirt. This method will maintain the good bacteria in the pads while shaking out the dirt.

Use 1 BioSteps for koi ponds up to 1000 gallons. If you have a larger pond you can install additional Biosteps in parallel. The filter comes with full instructions to help you install correctly.

Proper flow rate through the BioSteps is 900 gallons per hour.

Connect the outlet of the BioSteps to a pipe leading back to the pond downhill. It is a gravity flow filter so it must be installed above the pond level so the outlet water can flow downhill over your waterfall or directly back to the pond. We sugggest you use 2 inch PVC pipe going downhill back to the pond and keep your pipe distance to less than 10 feet. If you are a longer distance away then you must raise the BioSteps higher in order to achieve good gravity flow back to the pond.

Waterfall Spillway Option!! Add the optional waterfall spillway to make an easy waterfall pouring directly from the filter back into the pond. This enables you to install the filter hidden in your waterfall or you can install it as a free standing unit.

Very versatile filter. This is our number one best seller.

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Item #  Description Price Add to Cart
61010 BioSteps 10 Progressive filter $199.00 Add to Cart
60099 9 Watt UVC for Bio Steps $111.00 Add to Cart
60101 18 Watt UVC for Bio Steps $153.00 Add to Cart

BioSteps Plug N' Play

BioSteps Plug N' PlayBioSteps Plug N' Play system contains everything we love about the BioSteps 10 plus added features that we were important for any small to midsize koi pond. With an added submersible pump, easy discharge and backflush feature, as well as a more simplistic and easier inlet/outlet pvc fittings.
Item #  Description Price Add to Cart
28129 BioSteps Plug N Play $425.00 Add to Cart

Waterfall Spillway for BioSteps 10

Waterfall Spillway for BioSteps 10

Now you can instantly add a waterfall spillway to your Biosteps 10 filter.

It attaches to the existing outlet fitting of your BioSteps. This makes it very easy to install the BioSteps inside a waterfall because it will attach right to your rubber liner so you can conceal the body of the BioSteps. You can also install it as a stand alone unit which just pours right back into the pond.

11 inch wide spillway.

The BioSteps filter just got even better.

BioSteps filter not included.

Item #  Description Price Add to Cart
61015 BioSteps 10 Waterfall Spillway $33.00 Add to Cart

Stand Alone Mini Falls w/ green Matala Pad

Stand Alone Mini Falls w/ green Matala Pad

This stand alone Mini Falls is a simple step to add a waterfall feature to the pond and create turbulence to increase the oxygen level.

Inlet: 2"

Spillway: 11"

Flow range: 500 - 1200 GPH

Pack Includes:

Flex-Matala filter mat

Minifall mesh bag

Inlet: universal hose adapter

Item #  Description Price Add to Cart
61014 Stand Alone Mini Falls w/ green Matala pad $39.00 Add to Cart