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Laguna Koi Ponds
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Laguna Beach, CA. 92651 U.S.A.
Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM Satuday 10AM-5PM
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(949) 494-5107
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Before purchasing koi or goldfish check the following conditions in YOUR pond.  PDF File for STOP

Health Care for Koi

Full article on all aspects of Health Care for Koi.  PDF File for Health Care for Koi

Calculating Pond Gallons

Knowing your pond gallons within 10% will increase your odds of success. Knowing your pond gallons enables you to install the proper filter and pump equipment and enables you to treat with pond medicines and chemicals accurately.   PDF File for Calculating Pond Gallons

Preventive Treatment Guide for Parasites

Always use preventive treatments whenever you add new koi to your pond.  PDF File for Preventive Treatment Guide for Parasites

Koi Parasite Chart

Review this list of symptoms to help you determine which parasite may be afflicting your fish. The only true diagnosis is with a microscope. The common pond parasites give similar symptoms to the koi. so you cannot identfy a parasite by the fish's behavior. Without a microscope you should treat per the "Preventive Treatment Guide" article. This Guide suggests using the Terminate medicine together with the Fluke-M medicine to control 80% of the parasite problems in most ponds. If your koi are still sick after using the Terminate and Fluke-M treatment you may choose to use the Minn Finn or Potassium Permanganate treatment at the bottom section of the "Preventive Treatment Guide" article.  PDF File for Koi Parasite Chart


Use of Rock salt in a pond can be helpful or disastrous. When your koi or goldfish are sick Rock Salt could cure them or kill them! DO NOT USE ROCK SALT IN YOUR POND IF YOU HAVE AQUATIC PLANTS OR GREENWATER ALGAE OR HAIR ALGAE! The salt will kill the algae and cause an oxygen depletion which could kill your fish! Read this guide to know how to use this wonderful therapeutic properly.  PDF File for SALT THERAPY

Mixing Koi Populations Part 1

Part 1 of this article discusses the environmental stressors that can lead to koi diseases.  PDF File for Mixing Koi Populations Part 1

Mixing Koi Populations Part 2

Part 2 of this article reveals treatment protocols to treat and maintain healthy koi.  PDF File for Mixing Koi Populations Part 2

Sleeping Disease Virus in Koi

Have you ever added new koi to an older well established collection of koi only to see all the old koi get sick but the new koi are fine? You may be experiencing a flu-like virus of koi called Sleeping Disease of Koi.  PDF File for Sleeping Disease Virus in Koi